Is Our Love For Reality TV Affecting Our Real Life Friendships?

In all of the studies that I read around Gen Z and the topic of loneliness, a lot of the onus is placed on the excessive use of social media. Essentially they conclude that we are chronically online and that is why an overwhelming majority of 16-25 year olds are experiencing loneliness like no other generation.

According to Cigna, a US-based healthcare insurance company, 70% of Gen Z feel lonely. When I first read the statistics I wasn’t surprised. I understand why the effects of doom scrolling

Everything Issa Rae Got Right With “Insecure”

When Issa Rae announced that the fifth season of her hit show Insecure was going to be the final one, a large group of 20-something-year-old Black women let out a collective gasp. The show follows the loveable, yet slightly gullible, Issa as she navigates her complicated love life and long-term friendships while she searches for her ultimate career path and what makes her happy. What brings the show to life isn’t only the relatability of these growing pains but also, the honest depiction of Blac

17 Black-Led International Films And TV Shows That Are Total Must Watches

A talented street dancer is juggling a dead-end job, family responsibilities, and a rocky love life, while trying to get back into her groove. She soon realises her love for dance and thay a local dance competition with a generous cash prize is her one-way ticket out of her working-class Durban Township. Why you should watch it: ‘Jiva' is essentially a South African slang term that's used as a physical interpretation of music. There hasn't been a film or series which amplifies African dance cult